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Inspired by Australia Grab Bag #3

Inspired by Australia Grab Bag #3

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I moved to Australia a few years ago and love living in a rural coastal area. All year round I am delighted by all the colours from the sunrises to the sunsets, the yellows golds and browns of outback places ( The Bush), the coast and the forests. It is the colours of the Outback that really are so spectacular. I just had to capture them and created some translucent glass-like tags that could be printed onto a transparency sheet and added to a card or turned into a rainbow of hanging light-catchers! I have also included some Native animals too for decorations.

In this Grab Bag #3 you will find some images for Tags Greetings Panels even Coasters in Warm rich Orange and brown hues inspired by the orange red desert sands. There are also some typography of Australia in a variety of  formats. Great to add to scrapbooks travel info , whatever project you are working on..

You will find three file formats: jpg, png and pdf to allow use in many popular programs.